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jackie ✗✘ ethereal and always SO busy


dreamin’ that “steal my girl” will actually be “you can’t steal my girl because she’s not mine, she’s not yours, she’s not an object at all, she does who and what she pleases, let’s all take a minute to celebrate her autonomy”

not, like, getting my hopes up about it. just dreamin’

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Trying to be angry at your best friend like


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Anonymous said: What does "pendeja" means?


loved one

I just let people assume I’m straight bc I can’t stand the questions if I tell them otherwise and god it’s so awkward


my anaconda dont wanna go college tomorrow


tbh if u ever think u are not 1d af for even like 20 seconds the skies above will split open and strike u with a lightning bolt in the form of a new song or incredible concert footage or niall horan being human sunshine and u’ll fall to ur knees n be like yes yes Sorry god i am 1d af 24/7

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